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I have recently purchased a true broadcast quality £10,000 Sony High Definition 1920 x 1080 Widescreen camera which is the exact camera that the BBC and ITV news gathering team have, I also use numerous broadcast quality microphones to make that video extra special, back at the office I use a Muli-Core Processor computer and have over 6,000 gigabytes of storage space to produce that ultimate wedding or Blu-Ray DVD. Give me a call and we can discuss requirements, also come over and see me to go through all options.




Filming around 50 weddings a year, located in Wynyard and operating in the North East. Originally filming weddings I quickly gained a reputation for turning out high quality work both on the wedding filming side and the industrial and corporate side. I also work regularly as a freelance cameraman at ITV Tyne Tees Television. Its very important to find out what equipment your cameraman will be using to film your wedding as the most upto date digital equipment will produce the best quality DVD or Blue Ray



Employing a fantastic wedding cameraman or videographer brings about you can get a great wedding ceremony video or DVD. You'll find a roster of wedding videographr on the internet, with the phonebook and from recommendations from friends and family. You are able to limit that lineup and obtain a better selection of videographer to shoot your wedding for you by asking for demo disks or going through their portfolios to determine whether they can shoot an entire wedding well, or just produce the occasional good shot. Aside from demo quality, you will need to know how your potential videographer communicates, as well as his or her video style, so you can get the best possible wedding video as one keepsake of your special occasion.



Thinking of hiring a wedding videographer in Middlesbrough for your wedding? Before you choose your North East wedding videographer, make sure that you have a range of styles you want incorporated in the video, or pick a videographer who shoots well in styles you prefer. Pick a videographer with a style that coincides with your taste and the mood or effect you want for your wedding video.

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