Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake

Your Wedding Day

Before the wedding day I will require any photographs, invitation and music you may require adding to your wedding video.

Generally I would start at the brides house about 1 hour 30 mins before the service, and will stay about half an hour to capture the atmosphere of the house then its off to the church to set up.


At the church I'll try to film the groom and best man as well as the guests arriving then the bridesmaids and finally the bride, Then film the wedding service provided the minister has given permission, using professional radio microphones to capture the vows as best I can.


After the service I'll film as much candid footage of yourselves and the guests in a 'fly on the wall' style along with capturing the groups with the photographer.

At the reception the filming continues in the same style very much candid mixed with a bit of formal incorporating shots of the wedding cake and empty room, also some greeting of guests and taking their seats.


After the wedding breakfast the cake will normally cut and the speeches will be filmed, this is where the professional microphones really make a difference to the sound quality.

After the speeches generally I'll film some more candid shots then leave you to enjoy the rest of the day.


If needed I can stay on and film the arrival of the nightime guests and first dance or even the whole nightime celebration, this will of course incur an extra charge (depends on hours worked). Alternatively you could have someone film a little of the nightime celebration and I'll include it on the finished Video for no extra charge.


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